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3 Ways to Ensure Pool Safety This Summer

It's time to install a pool fence!

It’s time to install a pool fence!

There may still be snow on the ground, but now is the perfect time to start preparing for summer. If you have a pool, or if you’re planning to have a pool installed, it’s important that you take safety into consideration. A pool might be a wonderful place to swim and relax, but it can present a variety of dangers, especially for homeowners with young children. Discover how to ensure pool safety this summer!

Install a Fence

Fences are especially important for inground pools since small children and unassuming guests can easily walk or fall into the water. The best way to prevent an unexpected swim is to have a safety fence installed! Ensure that the fence is at least five feet tall and is equipped with a gate or self-closing door. Luckily there are a variety of safety fences available, so you can match the new addition to your outdoor aesthetic.

Secure the Doors and Windows

Locks and alarms aren’t only used to keep trespassers away, they can also keep your children inside. Don’t let your little ones wander off into the pool through an unlocked door or window. Consider investing in high locks on the doors and windows so that your youngsters cannot unlock them.

Set Rules

Just as a public pool has a set of rules for its patrons, it’s important that you set rules for your children and your guests. The area surrounding the pool can be slick with water, and running can often result in an injury. Ensure that running is not allowed. Do not dive unless the water is deep enough, ensure that your children never swim alone, and don’t swim after consuming excessive alcohol.

Before the season begins, take a CPR class to ensure you’re up to date with the knowledge. Sign your children up for a swimming lesson, and ensure that they’re prepared for the summer ahead!

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