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Your Guide to Roof Materials and Roof Financing

A roof is one of the most significant home improvement projects a homeowner can take on. Investing in a roof that is installed correctly with the right materials is crucial to ensuring that your roof will look good for decades. Avoid the headaches of a roof that doesn’t last by doing it right the first time around. In this guide we’ll explore some of the best roof materials and how roof financing can make your dream a reality.


Are you in need of a new roof? Check out our guide to roof materials and roof financing!

Your Guide to Roof Materials and Roof Financing

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material and over 80% of roofs in the US are made of them. They are fairly inexpensive to purchase and install and they can be used for flat or sloped roofs. However, they are not very durable so they tend to wear out more quickly than other materials.


Metal roofing material can be made from aluminum, zinc alloy, copper, or steel. They are available in large sheets or individual shingles. The price will vary depending on which type of metal is used with steel being moderately expensive and copper being very expensive. However, they have a much longer life than asphalt and roof financing can help you afford it.

Plastic Polymer

Plastic polymers are the newest form of roofing material and they are designed to look like wood shakes or slate. Because they are fairly new to the market it is unknown exactly how long they will last but they have a reputation for being long-lasting and easy to maintain. Plastic polymer roofing materials are moderately expensive.


Slate is one of the oldest form of roofing materials and is a great choice if you’re looking for durability and wind and fire resistance. However, they are very heavy and require a reinforced roofing structure to support their weight as well as specialized installers, making slate an expensive option.

Roof Financing Options

A new roof is a significant investment that will add life and value to your home but sometimes homeowners are overwhelmed by the cost. Did you know that you can finance your new roof with Your Project Loan? HFS Financial has access to loan programs in all 50 states to help you get the new roof of your dreams. Use our easy loan calculator to find out what your roof financing payments would be.

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