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Remodeling Basics: Common Roof Types and Their Benefits

Remodeling Basics: Common Roof Types and Their Benefits

This blog covers some remodeling basics, including several common roof types and when to choose each one.

Building a new roof is a massive endeavor for homeowners, and it’s something that can have a significant impact on a home’s profile and appearance. Choosing a roof type is important from a practical standpoint, too; some types of roofs are not suited for snowy climates or yards with tall trees. This blog covers some remodeling basics, including several common roof types and when to choose each one. If a roofing or remodeling project is on your horizon, contact the experts at Your Project Loan!

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are, as the name would suggest, roofs that have no slope and simply consist of a flat, horizontal plane. These roofs are popular in places like Florida and Arizona, where snow isn’t a concern and tall trees (and their falling leaves and twigs) can be avoided. Flat roofs can actually work incredibly well with some architectural styles. Modern homes and those with Southwestern architecture are particularly well-suited to flat roofs.

Gable Roofs: a Remodeling Staple

Gable roofs are arguably the most popular in some locations. Unlike flat roofs, gable roofs feature two angled panels that meet at the roof’s tallest point. This style, often drawn by small children as a triangle on top of a house, is excellent for preventing snow and debris buildup. Because the sloped panels direct snow, rain, and leaves off the roof’s side, this style is popular in places with moderate precipitation or large trees.

Gable Roof Variations

The gable roof has several variations that can provide a distinct aesthetic appeal. L-shaped gables are usually featured on homes that have right angles in an L or T shape. For these roofs, two gable roofs meet at the home’s main intersection, often sloping diagonally. Saltbox roofs are popular in New England and other places near the sea. These designs feature two angled panels that meet at a tall point, with one side drastically longer than the other. Saltbox roofs are designed to protect homes from salt damage. Hip roofs are a common version of the gable that utilizes four sloped panels instead of two. There are many other unique layouts to consider for your new roof, and working with an experienced roofing contractor (and home loan provider!) can help you bring your vision to life.

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