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3 Signs You Need Roof Financing for a New Roof

Your roof is probably something you take for granted until something goes terribly wrong. Because they are generally out of sight and out of mind, it’s easy to forget to monitor the health of your roof until one day it’s suddenly leaking loads of water into your home. Some roof problems may be fixable with a simple repair while others require a full roof replacement, but how do you tell the difference? Read on for 3 tips on what to look out for to determine whether you need a new roof as well as information on roof financing to help pay for your new roof needs.


Roof financing can help you obtain a new roof!

3 Signs You Need Roof Financing for a New Roof


Did you know the average asphalt shingle roof (the most common type found in the U.S.) lasts between 20-25 years? That means that if you bought a house manufactured in the mid-90s or earlier it may well be time to upgrade. There are many factors that can contribute to a shorter or longer lifespan including ventilation and how many layers of shingles were installed but if it has been a few decades since your roof was upgraded then it may be time for a new one.

Curling shingles

Take a look at the shape your shingles are in. If you notice any signs of curling or buckling then you should have your roof inspected to determine whether it’s time for a new roof. Curling shingles is a sign that they are past their prime and need to be replaced.

Missing shingles

Missing shingles can be a sign that your underlying roof structure is beginning to fail and needs to be upgraded. Shingles are most likely to be removed during storms so after any weather-related events, take stock of your roof and make sure everything is still in its right place.

Roof Financing Options

A new roof is a significant investment that will add life and value to your home but sometimes homeowners are overwhelmed by the cost. Did you know that you can finance your new roof with Your Project Loan? HFS Financial has access to loan programs in all 50 states to help you get the new roof of your dreams. Use our easy loan calculator to find out what your roof financing payments would be.

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