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Stone Veneer: A New Home Improvement Trend with a High ROI

Stone veneer is one of the newest and most popular home improvement trends on the market today. Consider the fact that it both looks great and has an incredible return on investment, and it’s not hard to see why stone veneers have become so popular. Learn everything you need to know about stone veneers in this week’s blog.



Stone Veneers

What are stone veneers?

Stone veneers are basically a stone exterior that is not the true exterior of the home. The veneer is made of real stone, but it’s installed in front of the exterior of the home to make it appear as though the exterior is made of stone.

The advantage of this is that you get the look of stone without the expense that would come with a real stone exterior. As homeowners look for alternatives to traditional siding replacement, stone veneer is fast gaining market share.


Remodeling magazine’s annual Cost vs. Value Report didn’t even include data for stone veneers until this year, which goes to show how recent a development this trend really is. And they included it for good reason. According to the 2015 report, “a project replacing 300 square feet of vinyl siding with manufactured stone veneer recoups 92.2% of its cost. This high return makes a stone veneer accent the second most valuable home improvement project, only behind steel entry door replacement.”

Stone Veneer Design Trends

Stone veneer has quickly adopted to a variety of design trends. Whether you’re going for a rustic look, or a chic, modern style, many varieties and colors of stone are available to suit your tastes. Matching veneers on the interior of a home have also caught on recently.


Cost will vary depending on the area where you are as well as the type of stone and installation method you choose. For traditional manufactured stone veneer (materials only) you can pay between $3-8 per square foot. Screw-installed projects, which use a bracketing system for extra durability, cost between $8-12 per sq ft., but are easier to install, which will save you on installation. “Traditional veneer will require additional materials and significantly more labor, easily bringing the installed costs even with panelized products.”

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