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Should You Transform Your Attic Into a New Bedroom?

attic renovation

Right now, of course, an unfinished attic isn’t exactly livable. It’s beneficial to have this renovation done–the only question is, what needs to happen for it to be successful?

If you have an attic you don’t use, you know that it’s a ton of wasted space.  Right now, of course, an unfinished attic isn’t exactly livable.  Most of them don’t have solid flooring, lighting, or any kind of furnishing at all.  And, when you’re converting your attic into a new bedroom, you’re going to need to consider these costs.  However, a converted attic gives you an overall return when you sell the house.  It’s beneficial to have this renovation done–the only question is, what needs to happen for it to be successful?  Here are a few points you’ll need to consider.



Building codes are an interesting aspect of remodeling that aren’t always an issue of obstacle.  These codes are in place to keep you safe and functioning–and, if you don’t follow any codes, it can lower the value of your home.  Building codes tend to change from state to state, so it’s important to do your research before you start to build!  Any professional renovator will be able to tell you whether or not you can transform your attic into a living space.  Passing these codes is your first step in renovation!


Basic Systems


Of course, in order for your attic to be livable, you’re going to need certain systems that need to be extended.  Electricity, HVAC, and perhaps plumbing will need to be included in the renovation.  This means you’ll need to hire the appropriate professionals to install each system.  You can always cut costs, here, but it might lower the final value of your completed attic.  For instance, a window air conditioner unit is not going to hold the same value as an extended HVAC.




The most creative and entertaining part of designing a new attic is deciding how you’re going to decorate it.  What designs will you use?  What decor?  Take a look at some example pictures online to get a good sense of what you’re going for.  If you want to go above and beyond to create a truly beautiful attic space, hire an interior designer to help you out.


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