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4 Tips for Planning a Family-Friendly Remodeling Project

A family-friendly remodel has made a happy family and a new home

A family-friendly remodel is one that keeps your family happy and stress-free while your new home is being built.

Planning a remodeling project is an exciting time, but it can also be stressful for your family. Whether you’re remodeling the kitchen or the entire second floor, aspects of your home will be off-limits to your spouse, children, and pets. Finance your upcoming project with Your Project Loan, and discover how you can plan a family-friendly remodel! 

Communicate With The Construction Team 

It’s always important to encourage an open line of communication with your construction team. Before your project begins, inform the construction team about your concerns. If you plan to live at home during the remodel, ask the team about their professional recommendations for a family-friendly remodel. If you plan to find accommodations away from home, maintaining a line of communication with the team will ensure that your family stays in the loop. 

Be Open with Your Family 

During the design phase, have an open conversation with your family about the expectations of the project. If you have children, talk to them about safety concerns that may arise during and after the remodel. Construction can be loud, dangerous, and disruptive. Being open with your family about the project will help them to better acclimate to the experience. 

Plan to Relocate 

If you’re planning to remodel a large portion of your home, relocating might be the best option. Relocating during the remodel will reduce the number of accidents that may occur during the construction phase. Relocating doesn’t mean that you won’t be a part of the action. Visit your home every day, and contact your design team for updates!

Maintain a Family-Friendly Remodel Space 

If you cannot relocate during the project, designate an area that’s safe for your children. You will spend a lot of time telling your kids where they can and cannot spend time. Designating an area for them helps to make them feel at home during the family-friendly remodel. 

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