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New Year, New Home! Home Improvement Project Ideas for 2016



A home improvement loan can finance your next kitchen remodel!

At the start of 2015, how many New Year’s resolutions did you make about the state of your home? How many DIY projects did you start, but never find time to finish? How many times did you try to save up for that big home remodeling project, but fall short? Don’t let 2016 be a victim of the same fate! As the New Year approaches, consider setting realistic goals and take action by starting the planning process immediately.


Financing your home project will give you the flexible opportunity to pay your bills while simultaneously making headway in your remodeling goal. Your Project Loan specializes in home improvement loans for a variety of projects, what kind will you choose? Let’s talk ideas. If you can dream it, we can finance it!

Bathroom Finishing

You use the bathroom in your home every day. If it isn’t finished and you wish that it was, it can be a main source of stress and a constant reminder of work to be done. Nobody wants to start and end their day in a space that incites stress. Your bathroom should be a place where you can go to relax and wash away the day’s troubles. Bathroom designs that are trending in 2016 include freestanding bathtubs, increased counter space, and dual shower head systems.


Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, it’s where you cook the food to feed your family and gather for social events. Not having enough oven space, counter space, or seating in your kitchen can hinder the enjoyment and productivity you have in the space. Start planning for the kitchen you’ve always wanted now, so when the holidays roll around in 2016 you can be the proud dinner host! Check out the benefits of a major kitchen remodel with upscale finishes here.



Hardscaping refers to integrating hardened elements (like fences, walkways, pavement, stone, brick, etc.) into your outdoor area to create a unique and modern space. This can be a great return on investment for people that are looking to sell their home at any point in the future. Consider financing for a home project involving: custom decks, decorative concrete, driveways, fencing, outdoor fountains, outdoor kitchens, outdoor lighting, pools, pool decks, or retaining walls.


More Ideas

Still can’t settle on which big home project you’d like to tackle in 2016? Consider financing a loan to implement or remodel one of the following ideas: boat docks, boat lifts, bonus rooms, closets, garage doors, garage makeovers, home theater systems, invisible pet fences, irrigation systems, roofing, spas, sunrooms, windows, tile and hardwood floors.


Pay Off Your Bills And Finance Your New Year Project At The Same Time

Are you dreaming of a home improvement project, but are not sure how to go about financing it? With a loan from Your Project Loan, you can pay off your bills and tackle home improvement projects at the same time! It has never been easier to take on your debt and home improvement projects with just one loan. Contact us today or fill out a simple 60-second loan application to learn more!

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