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How to Assess Winter Damage for Spring Remodeling Projects

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Harsh winters can be damaging to your roof and other essential parts of your home. Have you assessed your roof for damage lately?

As the weather warms up, people get increasingly excited about spending more time outdoors – and thanks to Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, you’ll have an extra hour of sunshine to do so! While cold weather has forced you to enjoy life indoors, did you ever take time to consider that the exterior of your home has suffered through a harsh winter without that luxury?

Inclement weather and freezing temperatures can negatively affect the appearance of your home, decreasing curb appeal and safety. Now that days will be longer shortly, it’s time to consider spring remodeling projects that will increase your curb appeal. Your Project Loan is here to tell you how.

Spring Remodeling Home Improvement Projects

Go outside with a keen eye and do a visual assessment of your property. Pay close attention to things that you might not have noticed in the darker winter months. Ask yourself the following questions, and remember that financing options are available to help you complete any project on your home improvement list.

  • What Shape Are My Windows In? Are they dirty? Are there broken elements of the windows or shutters? Spring is a great time to invest in home improvement for your windows – consider enlarging them to incorporate more natural light!
  • Has My Driveway or Walkway Suffered From Damage? Driveways and walkways commonly respond poorly to drastic weather changes. Similar to potholes, if you don’t address and repair these damaged surfaces, their condition will continue to weaken and worsen.
  • Is My Roof Healthy? Assessing roof damage after a long winter is especially important. Check for missing shingles, weak spots and the sources of leaks. Roof repair and replacement is not a home improvement project you should put off.
  • Do I Need a New Paint Job? Does the color of your home appear dull, dirty or chipped? Is your siding damaged or missing? It may be time for a fresh coat.
  • Is My Fence Doing Its Job? Fences exist on properties for several reasons including increased privacy and safety. Was your fence damaged from a winter storm? Is it vulnerable to intruders in its current state? Is it doing an effective job of keeping your children and pets safely confined to your yard? It may be time for a new child safety fence or invisible pet fence.


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