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4 Reasons to Use a Home Improvement Loan for New Bamboo Floors

Bamboo flooring has become increasingly popular over the past few years and it’s not hard to see why. Bamboo floors offer many benefits as well as sleek, clean lines that are sure to enhance any room in your home. If you are interested in upgrading the floors throughout your home, using a home improvement loan to install new bamboo floors might be a great investment for you. Learn why we love bamboo flooring and why it’s a smart investment to use a home improvement loan to invest in new bamboo floors in today’s blog.


A home improvement loan can be used for just about any project, including bamboo floors!

4 Reasons to Use a Home Improvement Loan for New Bamboo Floors


One of the biggest benefits of bamboo flooring over other types of wood is that it is extremely environmentally friendly. Bamboo is actually a species of grass which grows to maturity incredibly quickly. On average, bamboo is ready to be harvested within 3-5 years, while most hardwood trees require twenty years or more before they’re ready to be harvested for flooring. If you are concerned about upgrading your home in a way that is environmentally responsible, bamboo is an excellent flooring material to choose.

Easy to maintain

Bamboo is easy to keep clean: All you have to do is sweep or vacuum frequently to prevent a build-up of debris and mop it with a damp rag as needed. Be sure to use cleaners specifically made for bamboo floors that don’t contain wax and are non-alkaline to prevent damage. Bamboo is also more water resistant than other wood flooring materials but you should still take care to wipe up spills promptly to prevent warping.


Bamboo offers a sleek, trendy look to any room in your home. It adds an instant elegance to any room it is added to and while it appears similar to hardwood, it still has a distinct look that instantly sets it apart, making it a unique and interesting flooring option.


Bamboo flooring material is priced right in line with other hardwood flooring options so you get all of the benefits of bamboo without a huge increase in price. You can expect to pay between $2-8 per square foot for your bamboo flooring material.


Pay Off Your Bills and Remodel Your Home

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