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4 Design Musts for a High-End Closet Renovation

Are you ready to upgrade your closet?

Are you ready to upgrade your closet?

A closet isn’t just a room to hang your shirts and slacks. It’s a space created to harbor valuable investments; from your Grandmother’s pearls to your priciest stilettos. If you’re looking to renovate your closet, discover four of the most popular design elements trending today.

Focus on Light

A luxury closet should mimic your favorite dressing room, and a dressing room isn’t complete without flattering light. Recessed lighting with dimming features allows homeowners to control the level of brightness, while chandeliers provide stunning illumination. Consider adding high windows to your luxury closet to allow natural sunlight to enter the room.

Plenty of Space

A spacious closet doesn’t have to be larger than most, but it needs to incorporate smart and modern organizational systems. Consider installing custom cabinets, shelves, and drawers to maximize space. You need enough room for a couch, vanity, and floor length mirror to complete the luxury aesthetic.

Closet Island

A closet island isn’t just a place to set your watches and cuffs; it’s a statement piece that sets the tone for the entire closet. Glass and marble islands have always been popular, but today’s homeowners are choosing natural materials to add a rustic touch to the space. Ensure that your island is as functional as it is attractive, and consider adding a lock to drawers that contain your more expensive baubles.

Surprise Elements

Your personal style isn’t complete without the accessories you wear each day. Just as you choose a specific tie or bracelet to express yourself, ensure that your closet has its own special touches. Consider adding crystal knobs and handles to the drawers to create dimension and elegance throughout the space.

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