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What to Consider When Designing an Outdoor Kitchen


Finance your outdoor kitchen with Your Project Loan and don't miss out on everyone's favorite feature - a brick pizza oven!

Finance your outdoor kitchen with Your Project Loan and don’t miss out on everyone’s favorite feature – a brick pizza oven!

Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly popular options in home design – for good reason. The growing market has proven the feature to be more than just a major trend, and instead something more and more people are desiring every year.They can greatly increase the value of your home, and are sure to impress any and all potential buyers if you are looking to sell your home down the road. If you aren’t, they can surely impress the guests you choose to entertain. After all, there are some seriously beautiful and creative design ideas. What’s the big deal? Let’s talk about it.


Who is Buying Outdoor Kitchens?

Studies show that the people most interested in implementing outdoor kitchens are members of active households, usually with children. Commonly, these people are between the ages of 45 and 54. Outdoor kitchens are still spiking the interest of homeowners of all ages though – and commonly become the favorite space on the property. The main appeal of an outdoor kitchen is the ability to cook and entertain in a spacious outdoor environment as opposed to a smaller, indoor kitchen. Just imagine how outdoor kitchens could change holiday cooking for the host!


Factors to Consider

Much like an indoor kitchen, an outdoor kitchen features a grill (commonly a luxury barbeque grill), countertop, sink, seating and storage area. Upscale outdoor kitchens can even feature refrigerators and dishwashers! Unlike an indoor kitchen, all of these features must be waterproofed and it’s best to use weather-friendly materials. This will protect your equipment from adverse weather and potential animal droppings (it happens). It is best to get professional help when deciding on the placement of your outdoor kitchen. Consider factors like foot traffic, sunlight exposure and proximity to your current features and entryways. If your outdoor kitchen is near a pool and you have children, avoid getting marble tiles since they are very slippery when wet.


Popular Features

When you are designing your outdoor kitchen, you have so many possible feature options. While the features we listed above are the most common, there are less common features that are rapidly growing in popularity. I mean, who wouldn’t want an outdoor pizza oven? A survey reported that the number one item current homeowners with outdoor kitchens regretted leaving out of their design was a pizza oven. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit is also a popular hardscaping option to pair with an outdoor kitchen – it gives your guests a cozy focal point to gather while you are cooking!


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