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Should I Have an Irrigation System Installed This Spring?

Ensure a beautiful spring landscape with an irrigation system.

Ensure a beautiful spring landscape with an irrigation system.

April showers may bring May flowers, but will there be enough rain to sustain your landscape all season long? Residential landscapes large and small are in desperate need of irrigation and drainage systems to maintain the health and beauty of grass and plants. Are you thinking about installing an irrigation system this spring? Discover why that may be the best choice you could make for your property.

Conserve Water

Not only is hand watering an inefficient use of your time, but it also can be extremely wasteful. Irrigation systems operate on a timer system, and they’re preset to release only an adequate amount of water during each session. Your plants, grass, and trees will receive the appropriate level of nutrients, and your water bill with decrease as a result!

Prevent Disease

Specialized irrigation systems water specific areas instead of covering the entire landscape. Not only does this method provide better efficiency, but it also ensures that surrounding weeds aren’t given nutrients to grow and germinate. Irrigation systems also direct the water towards a plant’s root, rather than the leaves. Minimizing weeds and watering plants correctly reduces the chance of disease in your landscape.  

Maintain Plant Integrity

Overwatering doesn’t just cost you money, but it also causes excess runoff. Runoff forces the nutrients out of the soil and transfers them to other areas. Your plants can’t survive on inefficient nutrients, and you may have to replace them to invest in other costly landscaping services.

Have More Fun Outside

If you enjoy gardening, it doesn’t take much for the leisurely pastime to become a bothersome chore. With an irrigation system, you can forget about maintenance and focus on other fun activities like planting and pruning!

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