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3 Reasons Why a Home Improvement Loan Is a Smarter Way to Pay Than Cash

If you’re thinking about undertaking an extensive home renovation project, you may be wondering whether you should finance it or dip into your savings to pay cash. While using cash may seem like a smart move because you won’t have to think about making payments toward your loan, a home improvement loan can actually often be a wiser choice in the long run. Learn why in today’s blog, below.


A home improvement loan can help keep cash in your pocket.

3 Reasons Why a Home Improvement Loan Is a Smarter Way to Pay Than Cash

Keep your savings where they are

If you choose to pay cash for your project, you will have to dip into your savings and withdraw a large sum. That is money that will no longer be earning interest in your account and in the case of an emergency, there’s no way to get that money back from your contractor once you have paid. While many homeowners are concerned about paying interest on a home improvement loan, by letting your savings accrue interest in a bank account you will often be able to offset the long-term cost of your loan.

Have cash on hand for emergencies

By depleting your cash reserves to pay for a home improvement project, you’ll no longer have a nest egg to fall back on in the case of an emergency. A home improvement loan allows you to spread your payments out over a long period of time and ensures that your monthly payment is manageable while leaving you with funds in the bank for other emergencies if and when they arise.

Builds credit

Taking out a home improvement loan is a great way to raise your credit score. Making timely payments toward a loan is one of the most efficient ways to boost your credit score whereas paying cash has no effect on your score.

Pay Off Your Bills and Remodel Your Home

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