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What Kitchen Floor Material is Right For You?

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It’s important to choose the right material for your flooring, so it can last as long as possible and fit your style all at once. So, what are your options?

Kitchen floors see quite a lot of damage.  You scuffle over them, spill food and liquids, and you scrape chairs across them.  It’s not uncommon to need a new kitchen floor every few years or so because of all the imperfections that have gathered over time.  It’s important to choose the right material for your flooring, so it can last as long as possible and fit your style all at once.  So, what are your options?  If you’re considering a new kitchen floor and you’re not sure what to choose, read on.



A timeless option, hardwood floors are great because they can match any style.  There will always be a wood that fits inside any kitchen, regardless of the decor or state of renovation.  It’s sustainable, also; that means you can keep hardwood for years and it’ll never fall out of the most common trends.  However, it will need frequent refinishings, because it’s particularly susceptible to liquid damage and scratches.


Ceramic Tile


Looking for a wide variety?  Ceramic tile may be the perfect choice.  It’s the perfect material when you want to mix and match your options.  A beautiful pattern can be done on a tight budget.  It’s easy to clean and can withstand a lot of damage.  But grouting needs to be cleaned for this material to continue looking its best.  It’s also prone to cracking if the ground settles, or if there is a particularly hard impact.




It’s a bit old school, but linoleum is the cheaper option compared to vinyl and can look just as beautiful.  A great aspect of linoleum is that it can mimic tile extremely well, and is very easy to clean without the stress of grouting.  There are some downsides, though; it can wear over time if it’s not frequently taken care of and coated with protectant.  While easy to replace, linoleum is high maintenance, and may end up costing you more.


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