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The Best Flooring Options for the Kitchen

Consider updating the countertops, and discover how this simple renovation could change the entire look and feel of your kitchen.

Ready to update your kitchen flooring?

When it comes to flooring, there are few rooms in your home that need as specific a flooring as your kitchen. Along with being prone to spills and damage from grease, liquids, and fats, the kitchen suffers from excessive wear as they are often the most used room in the home. With that in mind, considering the options for what makes a suitable kitchen flooring is essential.  

Natural Stone

For one of your first options, natural stone is a dynamic and beautiful choice. Stone ages wonderfully and is highly durable. It is less prone to chipping or damage than others, although it will increase your chances of falling items shattering. Stone flooring will need to be sealed regularly; otherwise, it is prone to damage from spills as it is a porous material.  


While it once had a less than sterling reputation, vinyl flooring is making a comeback as one of the most popular new options. Vinyl can be highly durable and some last up to 20 years. Some luxury vinyl flooring is created to look exactly like wood or tile in a very convincing manner. Most luxury vinyl is available in snap-together planks and tiles and is a favorite of DIY enthusiasts.

Ceramic Tile

As one of the most classic kitchen flooring materials, ceramic tile boasts an incredible level of durability, easy maintenance, and good looks. Tiles leave the homeowner with a wide range of variety to choose from, including the potential for a completely unique mosaic. Many tiles are chip resistant and well crafted but they can be hard underfoot, and rugs may be needed to make extended standing more comfortable.


One of the newer options to the kitchen flooring arena, bamboo takes all the benefits of hardwood and amplifies them without sacrificing the looks. With greater water and stain resistance, a stronger structure, and a more environmentally friendly manufacturing process bamboo makes for a stunning kitchen floor.

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