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5 Kitchen Remodeling Trends to Expect in 2019

Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Call Your Project Loan!

Are you planning a kitchen remodel? Call Your Project Loan!

One of the most fun parts of any home improvement project is researching, dreaming, and planning. So as you’re dreaming of kitchen remodeling, it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on the fun kitchen trends that are expected to be popular in 2019.

Stoves With New Tricks

Expect 2019 to be the year that your kitchen appliances get tricked out. Sous vide (vacuum sealing food and then boiling the bag) was the hottest cooking trend this year, so it makes sense that built-in sous vide will be a hot item on new ranges and ovens.

Dishwashers That Do More

The stove isn’t the only appliance with new tricks worthy of investment. Expect the new dishwashers to have more space (like a third rack), more jets and spray arms for better cleaning, and improved drying functions. Essentially, they will do what we want them to do better.

Handleless Drawers and Doors

We’ve already seen dishwashers and fridges that open with a push or a nudge, so expect this to come to the rest of the kitchen. It is a great idea and we can’t wait to not have to set down what we are carrying in order to put it away.

Ice Variety

There are different sizes, textures, and hardness considerations that lead to some ice being better than others. So if you have an ice preference (you know who you are), get ready to bring the ‘good ice’ home. Expect next year to bring more ice variety, like the chewable nugget type or truly flakey shaved ice right into your kitchen.

Get Smart

While some of the apps in appliances in the past have been disappointing, it is a trend that is going to continue to improve. As we welcome Google Home or Alexa into our lives to ensure more connection, we will want the same from our appliances. A coffee maker that turns on as soon as your alarm wakes you, or a crock pot you can start with an app on your phone? There’s no limit to what is possible with smart appliances.

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