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4 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

Are you an iron chef who’s looking to take your cooking outside? An outdoor kitchen is the perfect place to expand your cooking repertoire! Installing one of these kitchens is a great way to add a key element to your outdoor living setup and really turn your backyard into a liveable space. Plus, having a kitchen outside allows you to use cooking techniques that you might not have been able to inside, like a brick oven or smoker.

Getting started with planning your outdoor kitchen is easier said than done, so we’re going to give you some easy tips to get started in this week’s blog! Keep on reading to get those design ideas going!


Barbecue on the outdoor kitchen!

4 Tips for Planning an Outdoor Kitchen

Locate it near your indoor kitchen.

In most cases, your outdoor kitchen won’t function as an individual entity. You’ll probably need easy access to your indoor kitchen for things you can’t store outside. So, it makes sense to locate your outdoor cooking space as close to your indoor space as possible.

Integrate the kitchen into your outdoor space.

You want to design the kitchen so that it’s integrated into the rest of the outdoor space around it. Approach the project like you’re adding on outdoor rooms without walls. Think about the flow of traffic and what makes the most sense for your yard. Make sure the chef isn’t left out from the rest of the party in an isolated kitchen.

Choose durable, low-maintenance materials.

Usually your outdoor kitchen will be protected to some degree by an outdoor structure, but the fact remains that it’s outside all year-round. You need the right materials for the jobs. Stainless steel is a popular material for outdoor components, as its sanitary, easy to clean, and highly resistant to corrosion.

As for countertops and patio decking material, avoid anything too porous. Granite works well for outdoor countertops, and sealed pavers are ideal for flooring.

Talk to a professional.

If you’re not familiar with the principles of kitchen design, you’ve got a lot to learn! Kitchen design is an exact science, and is all about how the different areas of the kitchen relate to each other. Your refrigerator, grills and cooktops, sinks, prep areas and storage need to be arranged in the right way in order for you to get the most out of your kitchen. A professional kitchen designer will be able to help you create the best layout for your outdoor kitchen design.

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