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Home Repair: Tackling Wood Rot

Home Repair: Tackling Wood Rot

Finding and addressing wood rot is a common home repair project, and here are some things that homeowners everywhere should know.

Many homeowners choose wood for their decks, siding, and other home features. While wood can be challenging to maintain, plenty of folks agree that there is simply no match for the classic beauty of the natural wood grain. Unfortunately, homeowners may have to tackle wood rot as their home improvements age. Finding and addressing wood rot is a common home repair project, and here are some things that homeowners everywhere should know.

Causes and Risk Factors of Wood Rot

As a natural, porous, and plant-based material, wood is bound to decay over time. When wood door frames, fences, or other surfaces are exposed to moisture over a prolonged period, mold and other microorganisms take hold. The growth of these microorganisms (whose function is to decompose organic matter) causes wood to rot. Because of this, homeowners in humid or rainy locations may struggle with wood rot more than in dry, hot places.

Detecting Wood Rot

There are two main types of wood rot that homeowners should look for: interior and exterior. Exterior wood typically impacts siding, door and window frames, decks, and fences. These surfaces can be exposed to rain, snow, and humidity regularly, and places where liquids pool against wood are particularly vulnerable. Interior wood rot is often located in bathrooms and kitchens. Cabinets and flooring can be exposed to moisture due to plumbing leaks or poor ventilation.

How to Address Home Repair

Home repair for wood rot can take many forms. Structural repair can be the most costly, as wooden joists, beams, and supports can also be affected by wood rot. For these jobs, homeowners must seek licensed and insured contractors with experience in making structural repairs. For other interior issues like rotting flooring, cabinets, and trim, the cause of the rot should be addressed before replacing the wood. Fixing plumbing leaks, detecting any sources of moisture, and improving ventilation are crucial to preventing wood rot in the future. Likewise, broken gutters or uneven surfaces on the outside of the home can contribute to exterior wood rot and should be fixed before replacing the wood.

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