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Home Improvement Projects that Pay Off

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Planning to sell your Maryland home? Consider one of the following remodeling projects!

If you live in the state of Maryland, the real estate market can be very competitive. If you’re planning to sell your house, consider improving important rooms and appliance that are on potential homebuyers list of must-haves. Here are five home improvement projects that can result in a big return on investment.

Exterior Updates

The first sight of your house potential homebuyers see is the exterior of your house. If it looks outdated and unappealing, they will turn around even before seeing the inside. Curb appeal is very important and should be the first improvement you make on your house. There are multiple ways you can update the exterior of your house without breaking your pocket and here’s the first you should consider. Choose a new paint color for the trims, siding, even the door. Going from a dark color to a lighter one can bring a rebirthing and airy look to your house immediately.  

Bathroom Renovation

Your bathroom is another important part of your house. If a homebuyer has children, the bathroom serves as a getaway and resting place from their little ones, so making sure their sanctuary has updated appliances, space and a big bathtub is crucial. One home improvement update that will score big ROI is adding a big jet tub to your bathroom if it only contains a shower. Although it can be very expensive, your pockets and the mother buying the property will thank you.

Outdoor Living Features

As the official start of summer is approaching, families want to spend more time outside of their house thawing out from being inside all winter. Consider this option when improving your house inside and out. Add a feature a family can enjoy with themselves and guest. Whether it’s adding a deck or patio to the back of your house or a porch with seating to the front, you’re sure to catch homebuyer’s attention.

Window Replacement

If you have the same windows in your house since you moved in or it was built, chances are they may have minor problems and need a fresh update. This is one of the highest ROIs on our list if you live in a big city. Add windows that enhance the view through your window or open up to smell the fresh air.

Landscaping Improvements

As we mentioned before, curb appeal is everything with new homebuyers. The landscape of your house is equally as important as the interior. Add some flowers to your house, replace the grass for a greener look or place a fountain for a high-end finish.

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