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How to Choose the Right Kitchen Cabinetry

What kind of cabinets are best for your kitchen?

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kitchen remodel is an exciting home improvement project, but there are a lot of decisions to be made in the design process. One of the biggest decisions is the kitchen cabinetry because its look defines the style of the whole room. Whether you’re stuck on this item, or just starting the project, here is how you can simplify the process and choose the perfect cabinetry for your kitchen.

Door Profile

The first thing you have to decide on is the cabinet door profile. The modern choice right now is a slab style, where the cabinet door and drawer fronts are totally flat. Recessed square and recessed miter are also popular options that provide a classic vibe without being too old. Anything with intricate curves is going to feel more traditional and formal.

Door Style

Use your profile type and budget to narrow down the styles of cabinets you have to choose from. Even with that narrowing, you may still be faced with many options. When you head to the showroom to check them out, take pictures of the ones you love with your phone. Once you get home, review the pictures and delete anything you don’t absolutely love, until you get down to your favorite choice or choices.

Wood Color

Depending on the cabinet style you choose, you will likely also have a variety of wood types and colors to choose from in that style. This decision comes down to your tastes and personality more than anything else. When you picture the finished kitchen, is the overall feel woodsy and rustic (where a dark-toned, heavy grained cabinet would fit) or sleek and modern (with clean, white cabinets)? Let that feel influence this decision.


Finally, most cabinet companies offer tons of features and design options. Would quiet-close drawers save your sanity on a busy weeknight? Would a lazy Susan allow you to use space that would otherwise go unused? Would the organizational options make you happier and more efficient? If the answers are yes, then it may be worthwhile to splurge on them. You know your kitchen needs best, so keep them in mind as you are planning the usage zones of your kitchen and deciding what add-ons you truly need. Ultimately, remember not to let all the options overwhelm you, and to keep your budget firmly in mind.

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