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4 Garage Makeover Trends

Is it time to update the garage? Call Your Project Loan!

Is it time to update the garage? Call Your Project Loan!

Once upon a time, the garage was the place where we put the car every night. But lately, it is more likely that your garage is used to store everything but the car: sports equipment, landscaping tools, camping gear, cleaning supplies, and even holiday decor. And with all that stuff cluttering up the garage, you can’t use it for parking the car or anything else. This doesn’t mean you need a huge remodel though. It’s time to makeover your garage so that you can store what you need, but still get some use out of it. You need to start by deciding how you really want to use the space (after all a workbench needs less space than a car) and by deciding what stuff really needs to be stored in there. Next, use some of these tips to make the most of the storage space.

Magnetic tool storage

Magnetic bars that attach to the wall are a popular choice for kitchen knife storage, and you may even have incorporated some into a recent kitchen renovation. That doesn’t need to be their only use though. Install some on the wall of your garage and use them to store hand tools like pruning sheers and paintbrushes where you can easily see and reach them.

Fold-Down Workbench

If you’d like to have a workbench in your garage, it may seem like you’d have to give up too much space. On the contrary, you could install a workbench top that attaches to the wall and folds down flat against it when it’s not in use. This way you get your work surface, but you don’t permanently lose parking or storage space to its footprint.

Ceiling Hooks

You actually have a lot of unused space in your garage, it’s just all over your head. The ceiling can be a great place to store things like your bikes. Ceiling hooks are easy to find and install and often cost much less than floor based storage, like bike racks.

Overhead Storage

Up above can be a great storage space for more than bikes. Consider mounting shelves or tote storage frames to the ceiling. Use them to store totes with things, like holiday decorations, that you don’t need every day. They will make it easier to organize your items and free up a lot of floor space in the process.

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