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3 Tips for Building an Elegant Deck

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Summer is around the corner and that means it is time to finish cleaning off and setting up your deck. If you don’t have a deck or you think it may be time to replace your existing one, now is the time to be dreaming and planning. The deck industry provides dozens of options and styles to choose from so that you can create a deck that exactly fits your needs and aesthetic. Don’t settle for a cookie cutter deck or a copy of your neighbor’s deck. Instead, let these tips inspire you to design the perfect deck for you.

What You Have And What You Need

Start the planning process with a good evaluation of what you have. Do you have an area that gets good shade? If not, you may need to incorporate a shade structure. Do you have a pool, hot tub, or grill that will influence the design? Do you have a breathtaking view from one of the sides of the house that you’d love to capitalize on? Next, take stock of what you need and want. Don’t be afraid to dream big here. This dreaming stage is when you should let your imagination free. Consider your lifestyle and how you will use the deck here as well. If you love to grill, this may be the perfect time to splurge on an extensive outdoor kitchen set up. If instead, you are dreaming of adding a hot tub to your home, the deck design should fit the size and style you’re planning to get.

Flow And Traffic

Most deck’s main function is to connect the house to the yard, so you need to have space for free-flowing traffic from the door to the stairs. The rest of the space should be designed to facilitate comfort and easy movement. If you have a lot of outdoor furniture you want to use, don’t plan for a small deck. Multi-level decks are also a cool way to have lots of distinctive areas, but keep in mind that sudden shifts in floor height can cause tripping hazards. Finally, if your deck will be very high, consider multiple landings so the steps are less daunting.


There are so many choices in materials from natural woods to long-lived composites. Choose one that fits your aesthetic but also your lifestyle in terms of maintenance. Don’t forget about guard rails if your deck is more than 30 inches off the ground. You can also choose to angle deck planks for improved traffic flow or simply a cool visual.

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