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Stress-Free Planning for a Home Addition

Stress-Free Planning for a Home Addition

The thought of planning a home addition can be overwhelming. Try breaking up the planning process into a few smaller parts.

Does your space seem a bit cramped? Have you wanted to add on to your home since you bought it? Planning a home addition is a common project for homeowners of all kinds, but the process of researching, designing, and executing this endeavor can be exceedingly complicated. If the thought of planning a home addition is overwhelming, you’re not alone. Try breaking up the planning process into these three parts:

Consider Your Current Space

Evaluating your home as-is is a great first step. Think about what you already have, what you want to have, and how you can use your existing structure to meet your goals. You may end up moving things around; if you want a bigger living room, it may make more sense to add a completely new living room and turn your existing space into a home office or dining room. There are plenty of ways to accomplish your goals, and creative solutions can be the best way to get what you want out of your house while sticking to your budget.

Make a List of “Must-Haves” for Your Home Addition

Once you’ve figured out the general idea of your home addition, make a list of essential items. For example, if you’re creating a home office, you may insist on built-in bookshelves or whiteboards. Things like excellent WiFi, climate control, and ample electrical outlets may also be important. Use this step to gather inspiration for your project and determine what features are absolutely necessary, both in terms of aesthetics and function.

Work with a Professional to Create a Plan

After you’ve determined what you need from your new space, work with a team of professionals to come up with a game plan. You may have to be a bit flexible to create a feasible design, but working with expert remodelers, electricians, and plumbers is the best way to add a new, high-quality space to your home. Collaborate with your contractors to design an addition that meets your current and future needs, and make sure to consider the impact that a remodeling project will have on your daily life while it’s in progress.

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