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Your Comprehensive Garage Addition Planning Checklist

Your Comprehensive Garage Addition Planning Checklist

When planning your garage addition, consider this project checklist and consult Your Project Loan for financing options.

Garage additions are some of the most unique and versatile projects for homeowners to consider. A new garage can serve almost any function, from storage and workshop space to recreation and living space. Homeowners can customize their new rooms with countless features, layouts, and amenities, and it can be daunting to choose just what you want. When planning your garage addition, consider this project checklist and consult Your Project Loan for financing options.

Benefits of Planning a Garage Addition

Your garage addition is entirely what you make of it. A new garage isn’t always just a place to store cars; many homeowners create art studios, workshops, entertainment rooms, and other specialized alcoves within their garage addition. Whatever amenities you add aren’t the only benefit of a garage addition. Homeowners can enjoy a boost in curb appeal and square footage when they create a finished garage.

Consider These Points Ahead of Your Garage Addition

  • Freestanding vs. attached – A freestanding garage can provide privacy and flexibility in terms of layout, but attached garages may be more convenient. This is especially important to consider in areas with extreme weather conditions.
  • Local restrictions – Your homeowners’ association and local and state governments likely have restrictions in place for residential construction and additions. These regulations may impact the location, wiring, plumbing, and appearance of your new garage.
  • Consider the purpose – What is the primary focus of your new space? If storing vehicles is your only aim, design a garage that can do that well. If you plan on creating a space for laundry facilities, office work, crafting, or other activities, make sure to include any necessary features.
  • Impact on your driveway – Does your new garage leave enough room for vehicles to drive and turn around on your property? Will the new structure present any other physical challenges?
  • Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC concerns – Depending on the stated purpose of your new garage, you may need to install plumbing, electrical systems, WiFi, air conditioning, heating, and other utilities. Knowing what you need to install early on can help you avoid running out of space or installing things in odd places.

Your Project Loan Can Help

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