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3 Reasons to Install a Generator This Summer

Protect your home with a generator this summer.

Protect your home with a generator this summer.

The summer is the most highly anticipated season of the year for many people. However, summer also brings storms with lightning, thunder, high winds, and damage. Summer storms often result in power failures, but sometimes the power goes out even when it isn’t storming because everyone puts more pressure on the grid in the summer. All of these add up to summer being the prime season to install a generator. Read on for the top three reasons to get a generator for your home today to be ready for the summer.

The Basement

If you have a history of flooded basements and an electric sump pump that works to keep it dry, losing power in a summer storm can be a huge issue. If the sump pump stops working, all that summer stormwater may end up in your basement. Often people have battery backups for their generators, but they may not be enough if the power is out for an extended time. A backup generator will ensure that your sump pump keeps running and your basement stays dry no matter how much it rains.

Major Appliances

A generator can keep your major appliances, like your fridge and freezer, running even when the power goes out. This will keep your food from spoiling, which is a huge issue during power outages any time of year. Your generator can also run your lights so that you can see what you’re doing without the danger of candles. Finally, your generator can also run other safety appliances, like security systems and invisible fences.

Peace Of Mind

Having a generator means having peace of mind, no matter what the summer weather throws at you. Any power outage can be stressful, but certain situations, like having young kids who are afraid of the dark or older people with medical needs, can make it even more stressful. Knowing that your generator will kick in and you will not be without electricity can make a world of difference.

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