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3 Ridiculously Good Reasons to Finish Your Basement

Your basement doesn't have to be a dark and dusty storage area. It's time to transform!

Your basement doesn’t have to be a dark and dusty storage area. It’s time to transform!

Your basement makes up for a large part of your home, and if it is unfinished, you are missing out on some serious opportunity for space utilization. Finishing your basement can seem like a daunting home improvement project at first, but you stand to benefit greatly financially and personally on the other side of it. Let’s talk about how.

Increased Home Value


Much like you might think of your unfinished basement as a tedious project, a potential home buyer in the future is going to think the same thing. Even if you don’t plan to sell your home now, you never know what circumstances might lead to needing to sell it in the future. When it’s on the market, a finished basement will result in a faster sale and likely be more stress-free, so why not finish it in time for you to enjoy it yourself?


Space and Design Ideas


Basements don’t have to be dark, musty rooms for storage or laundry. Of course, once they are finished you can still use them for storage. But you can also use the space for SO many other things! Seriously. By finishing your basement, you have the freedom to transform it into whatever you desire. For some people, this could simply mean an extra living room. But for others it could mean a home theater, game room, master suite, in-law suite, dance studio, functional office or even an in-home hair salon. The possibilities are endless based on your interests and design idea. If you aren’t using the space in your basement, you are wasting it (and probably letting bugs and dust accumulate without realizing it).


Save Money or Make Money


If you choose to finish your basement and implement a bathroom and small kitchen, it can present a great opportunity to rent the space out as a separate apartment (especially if is has a separate entryway to the outdoors). This could generate a new income, offsetting the cost of the project itself. Finishing your basement is also more energy efficient for your heating and cooling unit, since unfinished basements are not properly sealed. Finishing your basement will save you money on your utilities in the long run and make the temperature in your home more consistent as a whole.


Pay Off Your Bills And Finance Your New Year Project At The Same Time


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