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How to Stay Cool With Roofing

Your might now realize it, but your home’s roof plays a huge roll in the temperature indoors. Different roofing materials react to the light and energy from sunlight in different ways. Some absorb it and transfer it downward into your home, increasing the temperature indoors. Others can reflect the sun’s light and reduce the amount of energy and therefore heat that reaches the indoor space of your home. This is why the best roofing material for your home depends a lot on where you live. If you live in a higher latitude, you might want a material like asphalt shingles that absorbs heat and brings it in during the winter. On the other hand, if you live in a climate that is hotter for a long portion of the year, you might want something that reflects heat. In this blog, and considering the fact that summer is on the way, we’re going to focus on the latter.

Roofing Materials that Keep Your Home Cool


In addition to being a beautiful roofing material, light-colored slate has the added benefit of reflecting the sun’s rays, which reduces the amount of heat that makes it into your home.

Terra Cotta and Clay

Terra cotta and clay are common roofing materials in areas like the southwest, which are hot or warm for much of the year. In addition to naturally reflecting the sun’s rays, the baking process by which these materials are made makes them less porous, which further reduces their ability to hold heat.

Solar Paneling

With solar paneling, you’re essentially getting a two for one deal. Not only do solar panels reduce the amount of heat that make it into your home, they take the energy they receive and turn it into electricity you can use. Solar panels are best used in areas that receive a lot of sunny days per year.

White Metal

White metal roofing refects 66% of the sun’s rays and cools fast at night to keep you comfortable. While it is generally more expensive than traditional roofing, these costs will be recouped in energy savings and maintenance over time.

White Barrel and White Flat Tile

These tiles, made of concrete, reflect an impressive percentage of the sun’s rays, 74% and 77% respectively.

cool roofing materials

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