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Functional Garage Makeover Ideas


messy garage

Transform your messy garage into something functional, organized and beautiful with these garage makeover ideas!

Is your garage in need of a makeover? Have you grown accustomed to living with the pile of unorganized junk that surrounds your vehicle when you get out of your car every day? Is there even room for your vehicle in your garage? It may be time to start looking at your garage with a fresh set of eyes and evaluating your needs for the space. Every home improvement project should be carefully considered. Your Project Loan is here to help you get thinking with some garage makeover ideas that will give you the power to unlock the full potential of your space! Let’s learn more.

Cleaning Your Garage

Before you can take the necessary steps towards remodeling or renovating your garage space, you have to get one pesky thing out of the way – you guessed it, cleaning. Of course, not wanting to clean your garage is probably what has led to its current condition. It’s time to rectify that. Clear your garage of any clutter and consider donating items you aren’t using anymore (old bicycles, rakes, coolers, etc.) If you know that there is really nothing among the clutter in your garage that you want to salvage, consider hiring a service like 1-800-GOT-JUNK to come clear the space for you.

Garage Makeover Ideas

If you still want to use your garage space to house your vehicles, your best bet as far as makeovers go is to implement wall and ceiling storage for your tools, bicycles and more. This will clear up floor space for vehicle and foot traffic. But if you want to transform your garage into another living space, consider these makeover ideas:

  • Garage Game Room: Has your significant other been begging you to get your old pool table out of the house? Move it to the garage and create a game room! Garages are also great for dart boards and table games. If you have children, consider turning your garage into an extra play room where they can play with their bikes and toys safely.
  • Live Music: You’ve heard the term garage band for a reason. Garages are a great area for thriving musicians to collaborate and write/perform music without entirely disrupting the inside of the home.
  • Home Office/Craft Room: Give your garage an interior makeover by making it as comfortable as the inside of your home. Implement carpet or your preferred flooring, wall storage units that are great for crafts or files and functional lighting. With Your Project Loan, you can give your garage a makeover that will make your clutter and sloppy vehicle storage a thing of the past!

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