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Deck Replacement or Deck Repair: Which is Best?

Ready for a beautiful deck? We can help you finance your repair or replacement!

Ready for a beautiful deck? We can help you finance your repair or replacement!

Your deck is as an extension of your home that offers incredible benefits when it comes to outdoor living and entertainment. If your deck is in good shape, you may already be preparing to host an exciting BBQ, graduation party, or Memorial Day weekend bash outside on it. However, if your deck is poorly maintained or suffering obvious damage from outdoor elements and foot traffic, it may not be safe to utilize just yet.

When it comes time to decide between deck replacement or deck repair, how do you know which is best? And how will you pay? Your Project Loan is here to help.

Common Deck Problems

Decks are exposed to outdoor elements year-round, making them highly susceptible to damage from harmful UV rays and excess water if they are not properly sealed. Depending on the type of material your deck is made of, it could suffer from any of the following common deck problems that indicate it could be time for restoration or replacement:

  • Fading deck color
  • Dull, gray staining
  • Wood decay
  • Water damage
  • Mold/algae growth
  • Gaps between boards
  • Weak structure

Deck Repair vs. Deck Replacement

When it comes to cost, deck repair is cheaper than deck replacement, but the right choice all depends on your deck’s unique damage. In any case, seeking a professional opinion is the best way to determine the right treatment for your deck. If your deck is suffering from localized damage or what seems to be purely aesthetic issues (fading color, stains), then investing in resealing and minor repairs may be enough to restore your deck to its natural beauty. If your deck has sustained structural damage, however, it’s likely time to invest in a replacement. The following are signs that indicate your deck is a good candidate for replacement:

  • Loose or weak railings
  • Loose nails and screws
  • Visible decay around the outer edges of the deck frame
  • Spongy deck surface
  • Soft spots that dip when walked on
  • Several broken boards

How to Finance Your Deck Replacement or Deck Repair

Are you dreaming of a deck replacement or repair project, but are not sure how to go about financing it? With a home improvement loan from Your Project Loan, you can pay off your bills and restore or replace your deck at the same time! It has never been easier to take on your debt and home improvement projects with just one loan. Interested in building a custom deck? You can use your loan for that, too!
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