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Bathroom Technology Trends of the Future

Are you planning to remodel the bathroom? Call Your Project Loan!

Are you planning to remodel the bathroom? Call Your Project Loan!

It’s time to update your outdated bathroom fixtures to something newer, smarter, and more functional. That’s right, the smart technology trends have moved into the bathroom, and they’re ready to be put to use. In the last few years, there have been plenty of new technological updates that can take your bathroom from drab to fab quickly.

Surround Sound Bathtub

The humble bathtub is one item that has received the best upgrades with new technology. With new and improved options for jets, LED waterfalls, and Bluetooth capabilities you can catch up on your favorite podcasts, relax with an audiobook, or listen to your favorite tunes all while relaxing in the bath.

High Tech Toilet

While the Japanese are far ahead of Americans in terms of toilet technology, we’re finally starting to catch up. With options for self-rising and closing seats, lighting, heated seats, self-cleaning, and bidets you have plenty of items to choose from.

TV Medicine Cabinet

Watching TV while getting ready or in the bath is a luxury, but how do you disguise a TV when it’s not in use? Try an LCD cabinet. The LCD screens are built in and look natural; meanwhile, you can hook up your MP3 player right inside the door.  

Programmable Shower

Have you ever wished you could stay in bed until the exact moment your shower was ready? Now you can. With a programmable shower, you can set up temperature and flow settings and have them ready to go by remote control.  

Touchless Faucet

Stop fumbling with your sink in the morning, a motion detecting faucet can not only make your routine easier, but it can help save you water too. You’ll never worry about leaving the sink running again. Not to mention the touch-free quality means you’re improving sanitation and reducing your bathroom cleanup workload.   

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