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Bathroom Remodeling Trends for Accident-Free Living

Bathroom Remodeling Trends for Accident-Free Living

These bathroom remodeling trends look great today while providing for your safety needs tomorrow.

Remodeling any part of your home requires foresight and informed design. While you may not need certain features today, it is invaluable to consider what you may need as you age. The concept of “aging in place” involves designing your home to be accessible and safe as your mobility needs change. These bathroom remodeling trends tick all of the boxes — they look great today while providing for your safety needs tomorrow.

Approach Bathroom Remodeling with Long-Term Usability and Safety in Mind

First and foremost, you must consider your future needs when planning your upcoming bathroom remodeling project. Might you need a wheelchair, walker, or other mobility aid in the future? How will those needs impact your ability to shower and use the restroom safely? How can you account for any changes in your abilities? Taking a long-term, big-picture approach to bathroom remodeling is key.

Install Grab Bars and Benches (Even if You May Not Need Them Today)

While they may seem unnecessary today, shower seats and grab bars can be lifesavers in the future. Invest in grab bars around your shower, toilet, and bathtub, or simply leave space to install them later. A bench or seat in your shower can be a stylish and functional addition, and you can use it to store toiletries until you need to use it.

Anti-Slip Flooring Can Be Stylish

When people think of anti-slip flooring, they often think of hospital rooms and drab clinical settings. Fortunately, there are plenty of stylish and functional flooring options that will give you traction in an otherwise slippery bathroom. Tiles with honed or matte finishes give slippery feet something to grip to, and mosaic patterns with many grout lines provide even more texture.

Built-In Bathtubs and Curbless Showers are Ideal

Although standalone tubs are making a comeback, built-in bathtubs can offer greater support and stability. Bathtubs with large decks around them give you room to sit, swivel, and slide into the tub safely. On the other hand, showers with little-to-no curb are preferable. A low step (or none at all) reduces your risk of slipping or tripping as you enter your shower.

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