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4 of Our Favorite Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Are you ready to remodel your master bath? Call Your Project Loan!

Are you ready to remodel your master bath? Call Your Project Loan!

The bathroom is a hugely important space in the house that we probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about. It tends to be a utilitarian space, but it should also be comfortable and welcoming. You’re going to be spending time there every day, you should like the room as much as possible. Here are some design trends to consider as you’re planning your upcoming bathroom remodel.

Big Is Better

The home improvement trend towards larger bathrooms is because people are looking for more than just a place for the toilet and shower. They want a place of relaxation and a place where they can store and use makeup and other accessories. If you don’t have the space to actually expand your small bathroom, you can give the illusion of more space by opting for larger floor tiles.

Vintage Decor

Vintage is very “in”, and will continue to be, especially in bathrooms. Consider incorporating vintage décor elements, like mirrors or light fixtures, into your home improvement projects. These could be actual antique pieces, or new elements designed to look old (probably a better bet for tech elements like lighting, if you also want energy efficiency).

Ceramic and Marble

Tiling is a bathroom staple, and ceramic and marble are poised to be huge in bathrooms for the foreseeable future. They are classic and timeless and can be found everywhere from the floor to the wall to the tups and sinks. But there is a related newcomer, Terrazzo, which is a composite material made of marble and quartz. It is beautiful and it is replacing porcelain as the material for bathroom floor tiles.

Water Space

This trend is poised to be huge, but what is a “water space”? A water space is when your bathtub and shower are in the same space, but they are not the same unit. So we aren’t talking about bathtub-shower combos here. Instead, you would section off a portion of your bathroom so that you have a shower unit and a separate tub unit, usually framed off from the rest of the bathroom with a glass wall.

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