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Is Your Home Prepared to Take on the New Year?

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2017 is here, and it’s time to assess how well your home is performing in the areas of efficiency and comfort. It’s easy to overlook necessary repairs and inspections.

2017 is here, and it’s time to assess how well your home is performing in the areas of efficiency and comfort.  It’s easy to overlook necessary repairs and inspections when they’ve been on your to-do list for some time, and if you’ve been putting this off the past few months, it is dire that you get to work.  What better time to commit to your home than the new year, when you’re already making so many resolutions?  To make sure your home is ready for the new year, read on.

Replace Carpet


That drab, old carpet is causing your home lots of problems.  Carpet that has been in your home for several years is likely to be growing mold, bacteria, or other nasty things.  It’s also probably discolored and worn down in high-traffic areas.  The great thing about installing new carpet is that it can completely transform a room without changing anything else!  Commit to finally replacing that decade-old carpet in your living room this new year.


New Gutters


This winter, if you see large icicles hanging from your roof, it’s time for new gutters.  The cause of foot-long icicles is not simple ice melt–it usually indicates that your gutters are old and leaking, or that ice dams are forming and causing water to overflow.  Ice dams are dangerous; large icicles are a hazard, and water can easily seep into your walls and expand when frozen, causing intense water damage.  To prevent this problem, make your resolution to replace your gutters.


Tighten Safety Precautions


Do you have an alarm system yet?  Perhaps it’s time to invest.  An alarm system deters burglars and protects your family.  Video cameras can also help you to see your pet or child within your home at all times from all locations, to ensure their safety.  You should also check all smoke detectors and replace where necessary; older smoke detectors can be inaccurate and are most likely unsafe.  Carbon monoxide detectors aren’t a bad idea, either!


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