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4 Ways To Keep Your Home Clean During A Home Remodel

4 Ways To Keep Your Home Clean During A Home Remodel

Don’t allow your home to turn into a train wreck during a home remodel!

Do you have a home remodel coming up? Are you concerned that your home is going to turn into an absolute train wreck throughout the process? There are all sorts of steps you can take to prevent this from happening. There is no reason why you can’t keep your home neat and tidy through a home remodel. With that said, here are some helpful tips for keeping your home clean!

Clear The Area

Before a contractor starts working on the remodel, you should clear the area for them. In other words, remove all furniture, rugs, pictures frames, and anything that could potentially get in their way. Also, by moving these items, you prevent them from being damaged during the remodel.

Protect By Covering

More than likely there will be things that you just cannot move from a room. For instance, maybe you have a large sofa that you can’t remove from your living room. If this is the case, you need to cover it up. Get yourself a tarp and lay in on top of those large items.This step is important because it could potentially save your furniture from being ruined.

Daily Cleanup

Do yourself a favor and don’t wait until your home remodel is finished to start the cleanup process. Talk to your contractor to see if they mind sweeping/vacuuming at the end of each day’s work. If you wait until the end to clean, you may have a massive mess on your hands. You are much better off cleaning up throughout the entire process.

Open The Windows

A home remodeling project can usually benefit from some additional ventilation. Open a window and let some fresh air inside. By opening your windows, you will also prevent debris from getting caught in the screens.

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