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4 Home Upgrades to Consider: Home Improvement Loan

When it comes to home upgrades, many homeowners are the type to get-it-and-forget-it and don’t realize that they should take proactive steps to replace worn out features of their home before they become a problem. But like all other things, the features in a home have a lifespan and should be periodically replaced. Here are 4 home upgrades to consider right now and information on how you can qualify for a home improvement loan to make your dream home a reality.


A home improvement loan can finance your next project!

4 Home Upgrades to Consider: Home Improvement Loan

Laminate countertops

Laminate countertops have been popular for decades, and for good reason. They are inexpensive and easy to clean. However, their lifespan leaves something to be desired and they should generally be replaced every 15-20 years. So if you have a home that was built before the year 2000, you may want to consider replacing your laminate countertops. Signs that it’s time for a change include scratches, wear, fading, and water damage to the the fiberboard underside.

Wood Deck

Even under ideal circumstances, deck planks and other wood components should be replaced every 2 decades. Over time the wood degrades, splinters, and rots and simply won’t look as nice as it once did. If you have an older deck that’s beginning to show signs of wear, a project loan can help you afford a new deck now.


Most carpet has a life expectancy of 8-10 years. If you haven’t tired of the previous owner’s taste then it still may be a good idea to invest in fresh carpeting as over the years the carpet will lose its plush pile and even with cleaning can collect dust that can cause allergies. If your carpet looks dingy even after being cleaned and doesn’t feel as soft as it used to, it may be time for an upgrade.

Laminate and linoleum floors

Unlike natural stone and wooden floors which can last many decades, laminate and linoleum flooring is only meant to last about 20 years. As these types of flooring age and are exposed to repeated cleaning and ware, they begin to lose their finish and look dull, drab, and dirty. They are also impossible to repair so if there are any scratches you have to replace the entire tile. Give your home an easy facelift by updating your flooring.

Pay Off Your Bills and Remodel Your Home

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