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Build a New Garage and Pay Off Your Bills With a Home Improvement Loan

Winter weather is about to set in and with that comes the threat of having to dig your car out of the snow. Shoveling snow is many homeowner’s most hated chore so you might be wishing you had a garage right about now. But how would you ever pay for it when you’re already swimming in debt? Luckily, HFS Financial is here to help! In today’s blog, we tell you how you can pay off your bills and build a new garage, all with one simple home improvement loan.


Use a home improvement loan to build a new garage!

Build a New Garage and Pay Off Your Bills With a Home Improvement Loan

Step 1: Pay Off Your Bills

If your bills have been piling up and you’re drowning under a sea of accumulating interest, the first step is to pay them off. At Your Project Loan, we make it simple! All you have to do is fill out one of our simple loan applications to get started. Within 24 hours, one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members will give you a call to talk about the loan that you need. Then you just need to take out a loan that will not only pay off your bills but also cover the cost of your new garage. After that, simply make payments to Your Project Loan to pay off your loan.

Step 2: Build Your Garage

Once you have your loan, the sky is the limit about how you decide to build your garage. You can keep it simple with a classic one-car design, or let your imagination run wild and get creative with your design. You could even build a lofted living space above your garage which would make a perfect

mother-in-law suite or guest space. With a home improvement loan, you can truly build the garage of your dreams, all while paying off your bills!

Pay Off Your Bills and Remodel Your Home

Are you dreaming of upgrading the floors in your home but don’t know how you’ll pay for it? With a loan from Your Project Loan, you can pay off your bills and tackle projects at the same time! It has never been easier to take on your debt and home improvement projects with just one loan. Contact us today or fill out a simple 60-second loan application to learn more!

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