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How to Protect Your Deck Investment all Winter Long

Protect your deck from the winter chill!

Protect your deck from the winter chill!

You financed and prepared, and you finally have the deck that you’ve always wanted. Discover how you can protect your investment, and learn how to protect your deck from the winter chill.

Clean the Surface

This week marks the first official start of winter, but snow has already started to fall here in Maryland. Before the temperatures drop below freezing, take the time to clear off your deck. Bring any potted plants indoors. Stack the patio furniture and stow it away in the garage. Clear the deck of any dirt and debris, as these factors could cause your deck to deteriorate in the cold.

Apply a Sealant

Apply a water repellent seal to your deck to shield it from excess moisture and ice. Ensure that the sealant reaches every crack and cranny of your deck. Purchase a high-quality sealant, as cheaper products tend to be less effective.

Cover Up

If you can’t bring your patio furniture or potted plants indoors, cover the items up with a tarp. A tarp is a quick, easy way to protect your valuables from ice and snow. It’s also the easiest solution as it doesn’t require a lot of elbow grease!

Admire the Snowfall

If you wake up to a fresh blanket of snow on your deck, don’t rush to clear it off. Excessive shoveling can damage the surface of your deck, and you don’t want to have to deal with the hassle of scratches and marks. Admire the new snow, and then carefully remove it from your deck with a snow blower or rubber shovel.

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