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Combine Debt Consolidation with a Home Improvement Loan!

As a homeowner, you have a lot of concerns to address. There’s a good chance you have unpaid debts you’d like to pay off, and there’s also a good chance there are areas of your home which could use more than a little TLC. You might think that these are areas of concern that you need to address separately, but actually, you can easily combine the two, with help from Your Project Loan. Tackle two jobs with one loan from Your Project Loan!

Combining Debt Consolidation with a Home Improvement Loan

Debt Consolidation

As a homeowner, you have lots of outgoing expenditures. This means it’s not difficult to build up debt over time. It’s not always easy to keep track of all the money you owe and to where it’s owed. Slowly, debt starts to build. As it builds, interest rates start to play more and more of a factor in its growth, until all of a sudden you owe a lot more money than you thought you did. Paying off your debt starts to take up a lot of your time, which leaves less room for other important obligations of a homeowner, such as maintaining your home. We’ll get to this shortly.

For now, let’s talk about your debt. An easy and simple way to pay off multiple debts is by employing a practice known as debt consolidation. The way it works is as follows:

  1. You owe multiple debts.
  2. You get a loan for Your Project Loan to pay for those debts.
  3. Now the only debt you have to pay off is your loan! You can often get this loan for a lower interest rate than you were paying on your debts, and the fact that it’s all in one place makes it easier to tackle.

If it seems simple, that’s because it is. Debt consolidation makes paying off your debts easy and efficient. So now, let’s get back to how home improvement factors into this equation.

debt consolidation home improvement

Home Improvement Loans

As you spend more time focusing on your debt, you have less time for other obligations that are no less important, like keeping up your home. Maybe your kitchen could use a makeover and new energy efficient appliances. Or maybe your bathroom is stuck in the past. No matter what the home improvement project you want to tackle is, Your Project Loan lets you combine this project with paying off your debt into one loan package. Returning to the formula above, we’ll add in home improvement projects to show you how this works:

  1. You owe debts. You also need to do home improvement work.
  2. You get a loan from Your Project Loan that covers your debts and the cost of your home improvement projects.
  3. Now you’ve paid off your debts and have the money you need to get to work on those home improvement projects.


Get to work on your home and your debt by combining the two with debt consolidation and home improvement loans from Your Project Loan! Contact us today or fill out a simple 60-second loan application to learn more!

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