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When is it Time to Repaint My Home?

Your Project Loan can help you with your next home improvement project!

Your Project Loan can help you with your next home improvement project!

Painting your home is not only the best way to maintain the aesthetic of its exterior, but it’s also a great defense against the elements. It doesn’t matter if your home is 15 years old or brand new, it might be time for a new coat of paint. Discover four of the most obvious signs that your home is ready to be repainted.

To Improve the Aesthetic

If you’re looking for a new way to set your home apart from the rest, consider having it repainted. Aside from hardscaping, landscaping, and other property improvements, an exterior paint job is the best way to boost a home’s curb appeal.

The Color is Started to Fade

Paint fades quickly when exposed to the sun, and many home exteriors fade quicker depending on the climate and area. Darker shades fade faster than lighter hues, so consider that information when choosing a color for your home. Different sides of your home may fade faster than others, depending on location, so you might to have to repaint the entire exterior at once.

The Paint is Bubbling

Cracking or bubbling paint can be a sign of serious issues, such as dry rot or mold caused by insufficient weatherproofing. If you live near the water, your home’s paint is more prone to damage. After repainting your home, consider taking extra measures to ensure that it’s protected from the elements.

Your Home is 7-10 Years Old

As a rule, it’s advisable to repaint one’s home every seven to ten years. Repainting an exterior is considered preventable maintenance, and often homeowners can stop problems before they even begin. Chipping or peeling paint can cause a variety of damages to an exterior, so try to tackle the job before any damage occurs.

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