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Three Home Siding Choices: Wood, Vinyl, and Cement Board

Siding is the most common exterior for homes and sets the tone for the character of a home. The three most common types of siding in use today are wood siding, vinyl siding, and cement board siding. Let’s talk about the pros and cons of these three types of home siding.

Wood Siding

Once the most popular kind of siding in use, wood siding is still in the top three because it’s the least expensive of the three and it’s very versatile. Wood siding comes in many different styles and can be painted in any color. However, wood siding is also the most vulnerable to wear and tear from the elements, and will eventually need to be repainted. Wood also contracts and expands based on the temperature, which may cause problems and damage the siding over time.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is currently the most popular kind of home siding and is seen in lots of new homes. Vinyl siding comes in any color you could want, and is much more resistant to the elements than wood. It never needs to be repainted, only cleaned with soap and water, making vinyl very low-maintenance. It’s more expensive than wood, but will last longer and require less maintenance.

Cement Board Siding

Cement board siding is a newer development in siding materials compared to wood and vinyl. Cement board is very durable, can be painted in any color, requires little maintenance, and resists the elements very well. However, cement board is very heavy and difficult to install, making it the most expensive of the three siding options. Still, the durability and versatility of cement board siding are worth the price.


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