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3 Home Improvement Tips That Dominate 2016


There are plenty of trends that stayed in 2015, including ones you may still be following.

Are you concerned that your home is outdated, now that we’re halfway through the year?  You’re not alone.  There are plenty of trends that stayed in 2015, including ones you may still be following.  Maybe you’re noticing something off about your design, or your energy efficiency.  Maybe you’re realizing something isn’t quite right about the way your kitchen’s functionality works.  That’s okay!  We can help you discover the new trends that will keep your home looking fresh and new as we move forward.

  1. Built-in storage systems


Rooms are getting smaller.  Functionality is becoming more important than ever.  With this in mind, it can be hard to imagine where you’re going to store all of your belongings!  A new trend in 2016 is pushing for storage in unnoticable places.  A few suggestions would be shelves under the stairs, rotating cabinets, indented corners for flush storage, and even creating mattress frames using drawers and shelves.  Every little nook counts as storage space, now.  Get creative, and find ways you can use your space to your advantage.


  1. Separate laundry rooms


No, we’re not talking about those alcoves off to the side of the basement, or small closets on the first floor.  We mean actual, spacious rooms that are big enough to house everything a laundry room needs.  This allows for a comfortable, breathable space to do one of the most hated chores around.  Laundry doesn’t have to involve dodging bugs and working in the dark basement.  By outfitting a separate room, you eliminate all the things that make us dread doing laundry.


  1. No more unused rooms


Do you have a dining room that sits unattended, aside from Thanksgiving and the occasional religious holiday?  This is a trend that is slowly dying.  It’s becoming more and more popular to use these spaces for most of the year by converting them, easily, into something else.  Sure, maybe it’s a dining room for Thanksgiving.  But for the rest of the year, the table folds away to reveal an entirely different room–a study, an office, a playroom for the kids.  Design is becoming more interchangeable, so you won’t include elements that are specific to one type of room.


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